Holidays for your muscles: A physiotherapist’s mission at the wellness hotel Arlmont

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Holidays for your muscles: A physiotherapist’s mission at the wellness hotel Arlmont

Many people travel to St. Anton am Arlberg to experience the so-called cradle of alpine skiing.

Others have spent their summer holidays in the stunning hiking region between the Lechtal Alps and the Verwall mountains for years. And some came to stay. Like Jodie Hope who originally hails from England. 

Following her vocational training, Jodie worked in clinics and with sports teams in England before touring Europe with a professional cycling team. Today, the certified physiotherapist and enthusiastic athlete lives out her vocation at the wellness hotel Arlmont in St. Anton am Arlberg. Why Jodie found her personal happiness here is best told by herself: 

You came to St. Anton am Arlberg a few years ago. What made you come here of all places? 

Actually, I came to St. Anton in December 2016 for two reasons. I wanted to work as a sports therapist for a season, and I also wanted to learn how to ski. Both plans worked out. Then something unforeseen happened: I fell in love with the world-renowned place, the spectacular mountains and the warm and friendly people. So, I came back in the following summer and didn’t want to leave. 

One reason for staying is your job at the hiking hotel Arlmont. What is a typical day like? 

Each day is different. On some days, I run many sports therapy and fitness training sessions, and on other days I give relaxation massages. I like the variety of guests who come to the Hotel Arlmont. From those who like to keep active on holidays to those who want to escape the stress of everyday life – everyone has a different story, and some people have aches and pains. My most rewarding moments are when guests tell me how great they feel after my treatments. 

What is your role as a physiotherapist? 

My job is to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems to help people lead a pain-free life. I use various techniques ranging from manual therapy and soft tissue massage to motor control or conditioning to address a wide range of injuries. 

Already as a child I wanted to work in healthcare. Sports therapy lets me combine my desire to help people and my passion for sports and health. My job also allows me to travel, meet great people and support them in leading an active life. 

There is a huge choice of treatments available at the design hotel Arlmont. Do you have a tip what type of massage is best for whom? 

At the Hotel Arlmont we pride ourselves on offering bespoke treatments to suit the individual needs of our guests. The suitable type of massage depends on whether guests want to switch off or whether they have muscle pain or tension. Those seeking relaxation can indulge in a full-body massage, a hot stone massage, aromatherapy, a Swedish massage or an Indian head massage. A deep tissue massage, for example, uses more pressure. To treat pain or problems caused by injuries, we offer trigger point therapy, sports therapy and our wake-up body programme. Expectant mothers can have a pampering pregnancy massage. 

How can skiers and hikers do something good for their body? 

My most important and most effective tip: Keep moving! The human body has 206 bones and 360 joints. They all exist so that we can move, and we must use them! Walking, jumping, running or cycling - it doesn't matter how we keep moving. Of course, this is very easy in St. Anton am Arlberg. All we have to do is get outside into nature and enjoy the multitude of activities that start right on the doorstep of the Hotel Arlmont. 

I also have some advice for extremely active people: We should not forget our feet! Although we take them for granted, we neglect them all too often. That’s why reflexology, an alternative therapy that reduces stress and enhances blood circulation, focuses on the feet. 

What was your most memorable experience at the hiking hotel Arlmont? 

Hard to say, but it was probably meeting this lady who asked me for help with her permanent back pain. She had already been to see countless experts, but her pain persisted. Actually, she only wanted a massage to alleviate her pain, but eventually she allowed me to assess her difficulties and to apply a suitable treatment. After 60 minutes she was totally amazed. I managed to restore her mobility which she had lost for six months and her pain had almost disappeared. I’m always impressed by such moments. It’s fascinating how certain massages can help people manage chronic pain. Besides, there is no better feeling than helping someone in such a situation. Being a physiotherapist is and remains my absolute dream job.  

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