The best serviced mountain huts in the region of St. Anton

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The best serviced mountain huts in the region of St. Anton

Rugged mountains & rustic alpine pastures form the unique landscape of the Arlberg. Where the most beautiful managed huts in St. Anton are, you can read here☀️

They are just as much part of this small alpine idyll as the tinkling of cowbells and the summit crosses. Every year, farmers move 186,000 cows, pigs, horses and sheep to the 2,100 upland pastures, and only those where livestock stays for at least 60 days are called alpine pastures. Now where are the most beautiful alpine pastures in the vicinity of the Hotel Arlmont in St. Anton am Arlberg?

The Rendlalm: One of the most popular hiking destinations in the Arlberg region

Three alternative routes lead to the Rendlalm at an elevation of 1,800 m. The mountain bike route is particularly popular, and those who have tackled the ascent by bike won’t have to walk down. No sweat: Hikers can shorten the ascent or descent with the Rendlbahn cable car. From the top station, the leisurely hike on the Alpine Rose Trail to the mountain hut takes one and a half to two hours. Added bonus along the way especially in June/July: shrubs of blooming pink alpine roses. 

Tasty Tirolean traditions: Neunern & Marend

Also, many a special herb can be found along the wayside. While only about seven herbs per square metre grow in the valley, there are 60 to 70 different natural remedies growing on alpine meadows. No wonder that alpine products taste so good. On the Rendlalm, you can still find the traditional Neunern and Marend. Neunern used to be the second breakfast of the hard-working farmers. A Marend is a typical Tirolean afternoon snack with brown bread, dry-cured and smoked bacon and pickled gherkins, often refined with cheese, lard and horseradish. Every Tirolean has their own taste and preference.  

The Putzen Alpe: Where the animals are as relaxed as the farmers

With a climb of almost 580 metres of elevation, a moderately difficult tour leads from the Hotel Arlmont to the Putzenalm or Putzen Alpe. Both the semi-hard and mountain cheeses of the hut’s own alpine dairy are an absolute must-try experience. All products are made with great care and passion, the prerequisites for high-altitude farming: At an elevation of 1,700 metres summer snow is not uncommon and a search for lost cattle can result in a serious mountain tour. But the farmers take it easy and serve Tiroler Gröstl and Speckknödel (bread dumplings with bacon) in every weather. By the way, Tiroler Gröstl is a fry-up with potatoes, bacon, beef or pork and a fried egg.

An important contribution to St. Anton's cultivated landscape

With their alpine pastures, the mountain farmers not only provide their cows and sheep with a particularly pleasant summer retreat. They also make an important contribution to Tirol’s ecosystem. Mountain pastures improve the rooting of the soil, allowing the soil to store more water and thereby reducing the risk of flooding in the valley. The meadows also safeguard biodiversity and provide habitats for rare plants and animals.

For summit climbers and St. Anton high alpinists: the Leutkircher Hütte

Admittedly, the Leutkircher Hütte is not an alpine pasture but a mountain hut visited by every resident of St. Anton. No forest road leads to the hut which is situated at a high alpine elevation of 2,251 metres on the Lechtal main ridge. The hut is the starting point for many mountain tours and provides a rewarding experience for hikers who want to earn their lunch. After the climb, a Starkenberger beer, a Tirolean brand of beer, and some bread with dry-cured bacon taste all the better. With a little luck, you might even spot an ibex or the rare Phoebus Apollo, a grey butterfly with black and red dots. Popular tours starting from the hut are the Hirschpleißkopf (2,549 m) and the Stanskogel (2,757 m). However, a high level of fitness, sure-footedness and mountain experience are required for the summit tours.

Mont Spa and Arlmont Restaurant: Perfect to round off the day

After a day of hiking or climbing a summit in St. Anton, there is nothing better than relaxing your aching muscles in the panoramic sauna or enjoying a soak in the rooftop pool. All three levels of the Mont Spa wellness area afford views of the surrounding mountains and the trails of today’s tours. A heavenly relaxing feeling spreads through your body and is only topped by the cosy dinner. You are greeted by the herbs from the wayside, and the regional ingredients from Tirol bring back the exhilarating feeling of your summit victory. Exactly this feeling embodies what holidays at Hotel Arlmont in St. Anton am Arlberg are all about.

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