Let us pamper you at the lifestyle hotel Arlmont in St Anton!

Massage & physio treatments

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Soothing massages in the MONT Spa

The massage treatments in the wellness area of the MONT Spa at the design hotel Arlmont in St. Anton am Arlberg are more than just relaxation! Because the effect of our massages encompasses body AND soul. You will not only notice a positive change in the locally treated body area, the magic hands of our therapists will work wonders for your entire body and soul. By the way, the treatments are especially recommended after a visit to the fitness area on level 1 of the MONT Spa.

Massage therapy is one of the oldest healing practices known to mankind. It is now assumed that the targeted use of massages for healing has its origins in Eastern Africa and Asia. When applied correctly, massage treatments are beneficial for working out problem areas and enhancing well-being. But how can the massages offered at the wellness hotel Arlmont help you? We have rounded up some of most important benefits. The treatments in the invigorating wellness area with rooftop pool of the MONT Spa can ...

  • reduce stress.
  • relieve pain.
  • loosen muscles.
  • improve wound healing.
  • provide psychological relaxation.
  • increase blood flow.
  • lower the blood pressure and pulse rate.
  • release muscle adhesions, tensions and blockages.
  • improve the cell metabolism in the tissue.

In any case, our qualified and trained physiotherapists will make sure that you can switch off completely at the Hotel Arlmont. The Arlberg region, St. Anton and the world around you are tuned out, you just enjoy the here and now and the pleasant warmth, the gentle touches, the deeply relaxing pressure and the harmonious feel-good ambience.

This is how holidays at the Arlmont lifestyle hotel in St. Anton feel like! This is how holidays feel for the muscles and the entire musculoskeletal system! If you want to treat yourself to a massage that is individually tailored to your needs, please contact the wellness area by email at welcome@arlmont.at.

The prices of the massages at the wellness hotel Arlmont at a glance:

  • 25 minutes: 45.- euros
  • 50 minutes: 75.- euros
  • 75 minutes: 105.- euros

Choose your personal favourite massage from our extensive treatment options:

  • 01 Swedish Massage

    Relax and unwind with a traditional swedish massage, using a range of classic massage techniques to help refresh any tired muscles.

  • 02 Deep Tissue Massage

    Similar to a Swedish massage, but using deeper pressures, to help relieve any muscle tension in your body.

  • 03 Aromatherapy

    A complimentary treatment that uses swedish massage techniques alongside essentials oils to help your mind relax as well as your body.

  • 04 Trigger Point Therapy

    Alleviate the source of pain with a trigger point massage to help with treatment of headaches, back pain and more.

  • 05 Hot Stones Massage

    Using the heat and weight of hot stones alongside traditional massage techniques to ease muscle tension and increase circulation around the body.

  • 06 Pregnancy Massage

    Using a range of massage techniques to support the physical and emotional well being of mother and baby during pregnancy.

  • 07 Reflexology

    An alternative treatment focusing on treating the feet to relieve stress, promote healing and stimulate blood flow to the rest of the body.

  • 08 Indian Head Massage

    Helping to relieve the pain of headaches and stress with traditional techniques focusing on renewing energy levels with a head and neck massage. 

  • 09 Physio
    • Do you suffer from constantly tight muscles, no matter how much you stretch?
    • Do you have reoccurring back or neck pain?
    • Want to find out how to move better and reduce pain?

    WAKE UP YOUR BODY is our flagship well-being programme that aims to re-introduce forgotten movements, correct posture and balance abnormalities and help your body reach it's full potential. Join Jodie, our Sports Therapist in a private session in the Hotel fitness room for a full body assessment, gait analysis, integrated movements and mobilisation and stretching exercises to wake up your body. Each session is personalised to your needs and tailored to suit you.

      50 Minutes. Movement, exercise and stretching class.
      € 80,-
      75 Minutes. Full body assessment and personalised programme.
      € 110,-
      240 Minutes. 4 Sessions. including a full body assessment, personalised movement, exercise and stretching programme and mobilisation and massage.
      € 320,-
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