5 reasons never to go on summer holidays in St. Anton am Arlberg

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5 reasons never to go on summer holidays in St. Anton am Arlberg

Why you should not go on summer holiday to St. Anton am Arlberg? Here we have listed some reasons.

 A well-known proverb says: "One man's pleasure is another man's pain." The question is whether summer holidays in St. Anton am Arlberg are a pleasant or a painful experience? Let’s compare some scenarios – theoretically and unbiased. The final decision is up to you. 

Expansive views vs. familiar surroundings 

Already ski legend Karl Schranz proved that having a thirst for adventure can be rewarding. The native of St. Anton is a three-time world champion and one of Austria’s most successful former ski racers. His hometown offers a multitude of alpine adventures, among them the Hohe Riffler, Lisunspitze, Stanskogel, Parseierspitze, Hochkarspitze, Schindlerspitze and the 2,185 m high Galzig. Even looking at the huge variety of hiking trails and peaks from your room at Hotel Arlmont is impressive! Escaping from everyday life has never been easier! But this feeling of incredible freedom may frighten some people; they feel more comfortable looking out on the neighbouring house and rather stay in their daily routine in familiar surroundings. 

Enjoyment on your doorstep vs. staying on the ground 

Nature experiences to replenish body and mind: 305 kilometres of groomed slopes and 200 kilometres of downhill runs in the open terrain beckon in winter, and in summer the global village boasts 300 kilometres of hiking trails. The trails bear the Tirolean Seal of Quality and range from leisurely tours for nature lovers to demanding tours for seasoned hikers. Experienced alpinists looking for a challenge can test their skills on the St. Anton via ferrata, which is one the most dmanding and most beautiful of the Alps. In addition, the region offers over 350 kilometres of cycle routes to satisfy every skill level. For some, however, a trip to the mountains is very stressful. Everything is new, high and mighty. For those who prefer to stay at the bottom and within clear structures, a city is the right place. For example, there are clear guidelines for travelling on the underground railway and there is no reason to be afraid of heights. 


Diversity of colours vs. tone on tone 

The lush green of the grass, the intense yellow of the hawkweed, the bright pink of the alpine roses near the summit and the bright white of the ox-eye daisies, reminiscent of snow: St. Anton's blooming summer meadows light up in all colours. With every metre of elevation gain, the beautiful flora changes and lets you discover new plants. Naturally, on the mountain peaks, the diversity of species is thin. Which of the graceful flowers would try to withstand the rough climate in exposed places? Back in the valley, the colourful blossoms are even more stunning, and the sun terraces at Hotel Arlmont invite to soak up the spectacular view and the scent of summer. Is grey your favourite colour? Then perhaps the Arlberg which is alight with colour is too much for you. Although – maybe the time is right for bold colours?  

Real mountain moments vs. fiction in TV series 

Chilling out on the sofa savouring a packet of crisps and a can of coke, with direct view of an oversized TV screen: The dream of all couch potatoes who are addicted to TV series and hate being outdoors.

After all, who wants to see the stunning summer panorama of the imposing mountain ranges where skiing was invented when you can binge-watch Big Bang Theory or some romantic series? 
However, no mountain kitsch on TV is needed to put you in a romantic mood: The Arlberg offers spectacular panoramic views and a huge range of sporting opportunities for two. And instead of marathon-viewing, St. Anton am Arlberg boasts “only” countless peaks

For some this sounds like pure bliss, for others just tedious. Simply a matter of taste. 


Peaceful mountain idyll vs. loud disco beats 

Research in the forests and meadows and on the peaks of the Lechtal Alps and the Verwall shows that there are many variations of birdsong, ranging from melodious vocal interludes and group chatter to excited alarm calls. By the way, the mountain idyll is not as quiet as one might think, and yet: the sounds of nature are immensely relaxing. When hiking on the Arlberg, just stop, take a deep breath and listen to nature. Who knows what story the birds or the rustling trees are telling? A setting that might be too peaceful for some people. For ears that are used to high decibels the natural surroundings in the upper Stanzertal are probably too quiet, but at the same time nature has a positive effect on your wellbeing. Or would you rather go to the next disco? 


There are many reasons why summer mountain holidays are pure relaxation for some and the complete opposite for others. The one thing for sure is that the people of St. Anton are relaxed and satisfied. Is that because of the beautiful nature, the tranquility or the combination of both?  

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