Our contribution to preserving the variety of
natural surroundings on the Arlberg

Sustainability & the Arlmont: a concept which has a future.

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Arlberg in Tyrol is a place of abundance and regeneration. A place where life unfolds – and which gives us the gift of unique, variety-packed natural surroundings. Wonderful impressions of pasture lands and woodland areas which provide an abundance of species. Peppered with babbling mountain streams which have excellent quality water. Fantastic clear air which we get to inhale and which makes the breath-taking mountain panorama seem even more intense with the blue sky in the background. Preserving this beauty and this natural kingdom is more than just an aspiration. It is our credo. Doing it justice is a mission for us. It is for this reason that we have designed the Hotel Arlmont to be sustainable, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient in all aspects. To provide an inspiring healthy vitality for life – a feeling which will last long after your stay with us is over. 

  • 01 Healthy heat from wood chips

    Trees, in the guise of wood chips, are used in our 600 kW wood chip heating facility, to produce heat, and these come solely from local woodlands. They are reforested each year by the forestry commission – which means there is a loop maintaining the eco-system and this saves money on expensive transport routes which are environmentally damaging. We source the 100,000 m3 wood-chips which we need solely from suppliers in our local area.

    Sounds common-sense doesn't it?

    That's because it is! In so doing we save 50.000-70.000 litres of heating oil each year, making us a climate-neutral business and ensuring we make a valuable contribution to maintaining Austrian woodlands – this has been going on since the Hotel Arlmont opened in 2009

  • 02 Our power station in the heavens

    The biggest, oldest and most environmentally-friendly energy source in our planet is in space – 149,600,000 kilometres away – the sun. One day it might well meet the world's energy use. In part, it does just that in the Hotel Arlmont today. Some of our basic electrical load is provided by the 20 kWh photovoltaic facilities installed on our flat roof in 2016. The remainder – some 220,000 kWh electric – comes from 100% green water power from our local electricity supplier. More electricity is produced by our photovoltaic facilities than we actually require and the surplus electricity is fed into the local electricity network. In short – with low use we are even in the position of being able to actually produce electricity without having to use fossil fuels. We think that is just amazing – what do you reckon?

  • 03 Electric car charging point

    Does your car run on electricity?

    Then that is just perfect! You are able to charge your electric car just as easily and conveniently as you can do at home – while you sleep, explore the mountains or relax in our wellness area.

  • 04 More than pleasure

    We do of course love great flavours – and present them in many different guises and colours in our restaurant. We place particular attention on ensuring all our food is top-notch quality. And that it is – whenever possible – seasonal and direct from the region. In so doing we are not only supporting local farmers, we are also shortening transport routes, which is much better for the environment.

    It is especially important to us that we always know that our chefs are using only the best produce to gently prepare sophisticated culinary delights. Organic meat from animals which have been reared the proper way. Seasonal fruit, unsprayed vegetables and untreated herbs round off the exceptional flavours of our culinary specialities. Food which is a pleasure to eat, which is good for the environment, which is regional and healthy is worth so much more.

  • 05 We go the extra mile.

    Our sustainability concepts should work on every level. This is why, as well as green energy, top-quality sustainable foods and climate-neutral heating, we pay attention to our print products and recyclable materials. Not just that – we also ensure these are produced in a way which is environmentally friendly, to minimise our environmental footprint that little bit more. We call it 'Green Printing'. Since our planet is the most wonderful and most precious resource which we have – together we can ensure that it will be with us for a long time to come.

    The Arlmont's sustainability concept shows that unforgettable holiday enjoyment in a stylish ambience, including all the benefits you come to expect, doesn't have to be in conflict with this concept. That is the idea. That is the Arlmont am Arlberg. Your well-being hotel which is quite simply different.

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