Challenging, relaxed & pleasurable: 3 tours in St. Anton for 3 types of hikers

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Challenging, relaxed & pleasurable: 3 tours in St. Anton for 3 types of hikers

St. Anton, home to ski stars in winter, is a hiker’s paradise in summer. 300 kilometres of hiking trails offer something for everyone.

And because hiking makes hungry, there are also some 30 options to stop for hearty snacks. From the large choice of hiking tours, we have selected three tasters: a challenging hike, a relaxed hike, and a tour that pleases the palate. As an added bonus, Hotel Arlmont provides an excellent spa area on three levels complete with rooftop pool - perfect to enjoy some rest and relaxation after a day of hiking. Lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails!

Difficult tour with 1,000 metres of elevation gain: The Leutkircher Hütte in St. Anton  

The term "Hütte" (hut) already suggests that you’re about to venture into high alpine terrain. Where rugged cliffs and barren mountain landscapes replace undulating alpine meadows, quaint alpine huts change into solid stone-built huts. These buildings defy every mountain thunderstorm, storm and even snow and ice. Like the Leutkircher Hütte, perched between craggy mountain peaks on the ridge at an elevation of 2,260 metres. The tour starts right on the doorstep of the Hotel Arlmont. That's why mountaineers have to conquer a demanding climb of 1,000 metres of elevation.

Challenging start from the Hotel Arlmont in St. Anton

For about one hour, the tour follows gentle forest roads and hiking trails to the Putzenalm. Don’t miss the signpost on the left pointing to a forest trail. The tour profile already suggests that the trail gets steep. A mere distance of 5.4 kilometres takes about 3 hours. The trail continues over slopes covered with forests and mountain pines to the Leutkircher Hütte.

Hiking up the local mountain – descending by gondola lift

The effort will be rewarded with a Kaspressknödel soup, a Tirolean speciality made with grey cheese, and high alpine panoramic vistas of the Stanzertal and even of the Lechtal. The Stanskogel which stands 2,757 metres tall is quite distinctive, and its summit cross can be reached after a climb of two more hours via a fixed-rope route. It is also the local mountain of the Leutkircher Hütte. Another alternative is the 1.5 hour walk to the Kapall, the descent can be shortened with a ride on the Kapall-Gampenbahn gondola lift.

Time to relax in the Rosanna gorge near St. Anton am Arlberg

Don't worry, St. Anton also offers a variety of less demanding hiking tours. The moderate but impressive hike through the Rosanna gorge to the Verwall reservoir starts at the Hotel Arlmont. Hikers can save 30 minutes walking time by taking the village bus to the stop Mooserkreuz but will miss the walk through the village of St. Anton am Arlberg. A forest road begins right after the base station of the Rendlbahn cable car and links to the steep track through the Rosanna gorge.

White water, gentle burbling, cragged rocks, shady forests

The white waters of the Rosanna, the river which runs through the Verwalltal, burble and swoosh past. Small wooden bridges cross the river. Wooden planks widen the path along the rocks. The air is so fresh, the forest smells so good, the stream is so calming as it sometimes splashes past, sometimes gushes wildly over rocks. After only 30 minutes, the path through the gorge ends and links to a forest road. Another highlight awaits at the end of the forest road: the Verwallsee, a reservoir lake.

The power of St. Anton water - experienced from a height of 20 metres

Behind the reservoir, the water of the Rosanna river plummets into the depths, showing once more how powerful an alpine stream can be. And just a few metres before, hikers pass a suspension bridge which is twenty metres above the ground and 35 metres long. The spray glitters in rainbow colours and tingles on the skin. In contrast: The quiet, dark-turquoise Verwallsee behind the imposing wall. The new children's playground with a barbecue area and a swing set make grown-ups wish they were kids again. And if you get hungry, there is also a small eatery available near the reservoir.

Pleasure hike from St. Anton to the Rendlalm: The Alpine Rose Trail

The Alpine Rose Trail which leads from the top station of the Rendlbahn cable car to the Rendlalm and to the valley is one of St. Anton’s most scenic tours. This hike is particularly beautiful in June when the alpine roses bloom and entire slopes teem with pink blossoms. The cable car transports visitors effortlessly up the mountain. From the top, hikers follow the easy trail through shrubs of alpine roses, taking in beautiful views of the Stanzertal. The valley is known for the Stanzer Zwetschke, and the schnapps distilled from this subspecies of plums is famous beyond the borders of the country.

Enjoying a satisfying and splendid filling meal

Schnapps made from Stanzer Zwetschke is an excellent choice to round off a typical Tirolean lunch of "Schölfeler" at the Rendlalm. Potatoes are cooked in their skins and peeled on the plate, covered with mountain cheese, farm butter and herb salt and eaten right away. Please note that the Rendlalm is closed on Mondays. After the hearty meal, hiking and forest trails take you back to the valley to St. Jakob or to the Hotel Arlmont in St. Anton am Arlberg.

Rooftop pool and panoramic sauna

After a day of hiking in St. Anton there is nothing better than relaxing in the Mont Spa wellness area. Sweating at a pleasant temperature of 75°C in the panoramic herbal sauna directly on the rooftop followed by a nap in the panoramic relaxation area with library and reading niche, plunging into the rooftop pool, cooling off in the experience shower and much more. There is a huge variety of things to enjoy in the spa area. Finally, a delicious dinner at the Arlmont restaurant will round off the day nicely. Perhaps a glass of Stanzer Zwetschke before drawing the curtains over the panoramic windows in your room and enjoying a good night’s rest thanks to the fresh mountain air. Whether you are a connoisseur or a mountaineer, or a mix of both, hiking holidays in St. Anton offer something for everyone! 

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