Spring Skiing

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Spring Skiing

Over 340 km of pistes, firn snow, the best views and moments of pleasure in a deck chair thanks to the spring sun - that's spring skiing in St. Anton am Arlberg

"The Arlberg ski area is not only the cradle of skiing, but also the undisputed king of the slopes with over 340 kilometers and a place of longing for freeriders - the largest contiguous ski area in Austria"

Rise and shine.

In St. Anton, the early bird catches the worm, or rather the best snow. Especially in spring skiing season. Several ingredients make up the combination of scenic vistas, firn snow and safe skiing. Followed by a lazy break on the sun terrace, savouring a well-deserved aperitif and looking forward to a sauna session overlooking the snowy Stallmaehder slope. But, hard facts first: Ski Arlberg is not only the cradle of skiing, but also Austria’s largest interconnected ski area and a desirable destination for freeriders, boasting 340 km of pistes. As days get longer in spring and the 2800-metre-high Valluga glistens in the sun, it’s time for firn snow. Firn is an old High German word for snow which crystallises through repeated thawing and freezing and lays itself over the mountain slopes like coarse grained powder. 

Early birds

The best starting point for a perfect spring skiing experience are the Gampen and Kapall lifts in the direction of Kapall. Plan on skiing in the morning and take the first gondola at 8.45 a.m. when the first sunrays are just about to hit the slopes. It might still be too early for firn snow but skiers can enjoy the privilege of being the first to leave a mark on the freshly groomed slopes – take the black, red or blue piste to the Gampen and from there take the Fang (black piste) back to St. Anton. Go either to the valley station of the Nasserein gondola directly next to Hotel Arlmont or to the Galzigbahn cable car. The spectacular Galzigbahn has won several architectural awards and is a must-see attraction. Having arrived at the top station of the Galzigbahn, it’s a good opportunity to soak up the breathtaking panoramic view and refuel with a second breakfast at the Kandahar restaurant before descending on the rapid valley run on the same named black piste. Almost 70 years ago, the Kandahar piste was the venue of the famous Arlberg-Kandahar race


Since the base on the south-eastern slopes of the Arlberg tends to get squishy already late in the morning, make sure to use all options around the Galzig and Valluga lifts for spring skiing. The route over the Schindlerkar is a great downhill run. Certainly not recommended for beginners but the chairlift ride is worth the muscle pain: While travelling over craggy rock peaks, you get to take in splendid vistas of the snow-covered peaks of Vorarlberg, Switzerland and Italy. The firn route ends at the valley station Arlenmaehder, a little above St Christoph. The next highlight at Arlberg is waiting: The second longest downhill run back to St. Anton. From the top station of the Arlenmaehder, take the blue descent to the valley station of the Valfagerbahn chairlift, which is already located in Vorarlberg. After a short break in the 6-person chairlift, the last stage entices with varying steep descents while the sun is warming you from behind. Insider tip: The ski area Rendl, which is located opposite of Galzig and Gampen, is perfect for great firn snow descents from noontime, therefore ideal for late risers.

For off-piste freeride adventures in spring, we recommend booking a ski guide. In any case make sure you carry avalanche safety gear including an avalanche transceiver, and get familiar with current snow and terrain conditions. 


The sun in spring is very intense at the Arlberg. Make sure you wear sun protection to avoid red skin and burning eyes. A sauna session followed by a period of rest works wonders for aching muscles. The rooftop sauna and pool at the Hotel Arlmont provide an excellent environment to relax and unwind. Drifting in the warm water is perfect to idle away while looking back at the wonderful impressions of the day. Afterwards the Arlmont hotel bar becomes a favourite place to enjoy a convivial cocktail in a sophisticated ambience. True to the motto: Live in the moment. Spring skiing at Arlberg is an absolutely memorable holiday experience

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