The best spring ski slopes in St. Anton am Arlberg: Summer feeling in the snow

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The best spring ski slopes in St. Anton am Arlberg: Summer feeling in the snow

Nothing beats the feeling of carving turns and hearing the soft crunching sound when the top layer of the snow crystals breaks.

For many, swooshing down slopes in firn snow is just as exhilarating as skiing powder. Why? Because the smooth gliding motion is a unique experience. The granular firn which is typical for spring forms by the constant thawing and freezing of fine snow crystals. The skis glide effortlessly through the firn and gravity does the rest. Surrounded by mighty mountains, charging downhill feels better than flying! Enticing firn slopes, inviting panoramic terraces and the warm sunrays make spring skiing in St. Anton am Arlberg an exceptional winter sports experience. We’ve rounded up St. Anton’s must-do spring ski runs. 


Places & slopes to be in St. Anton am Arlberg 

Being in the right place at the right time is crucial to finding the "perfect firn slope". In spring, snow conditions change quickly because of the sunshine. Some slopes are best to ski in the morning, others just before stopping off for refreshments. Many ski lifts which run from the centre of St. Anton – such as the Nassereinbahn, the Galzigbahn and the Gampenbahn – already open at 8.45 a.m. The Nassereinbahn which is close to the Hotel Arlmont takes skiers up the Gampen to an elevation of 1,850 m. From there, a chairlift rides up to the Kapall which stands 2,330 m tall. After enjoying stunning vistas of the Stanzertal it’s time to ski downhill – either back to the Gampenbahn or to the Galzigbahn via the challenging “Fang” slope.  

The Galzigbahn with its spectacular award-winning glass structure journeys up to an elevation of 2,085 m. Looking for a special challenge? With an average gradient of 34 percent, the famous Kandahar slope offers a combination of firn snow and speed, whereas carving fans find perfect conditions in the morning. After the adrenalin rush, the sun terraces at the valley stations of the Gampenbahn and Galzigbahn or at the Hotel Arlmont near the Nassereinbahn are great for a stopover. Refreshments are also available at the Rodelalm on the Fang ski run.

Hit the slopes like St. Anton's pros 

Riding up the Schindlergratbahn towards the Valluga provides access to firn snow too, complete with impressive views of the border triangle of Austria, Switzerland and Italy. A good opportunity to take a deep breath before tackling the difficult Schindlerkar route. The descent to the valley station of the Valfagehrbahn is less demanding and more pleasurable.

When the sun reaches its highest point at midday, we recommend the slopes on the southern mountainside. The Rendl offers some well-groomed ski runs even in the afternoon. Near the top station of the Rendlbahn there is also a huge snow park, the STANTON PARK, where pros and beginners practice their jumps, turns and jibbings. Completely exhausted, the ski acrobats can stop off at the nearby Rendl Beach Bar.


St. Anton's position as a top alpine winter sports destination 

If you want to experience something new in and around St. Anton am Arlberg, you’ll be spoilt for choice: The Arlberg ski area boasts 305 km of ski runs accessed by 88 lifts, ranging from wide slopes for carving enthusiasts to steep and challenging sections for experienced skiers. In addition, the region offers 200 km of open terrain for off-piste skiing. While other ski resorts complain about a lack of snow, the Arlberg has guaranteed snow from late November to early May. The municipality of St. Anton was destined to be an alpine winter sports resort early on and can look back on several pioneering achievements. Founded in 1920/21, the Ski School Arlberg was the world’s first ski school. When the Vallugabahn opened in 1955 at an altitude of 2,811 m, it was Austria's highest elevation cable car. Playing host to the Alpine World Ski Championships in 2001 cemented St. Anton’s international reputation as the ultimate winter sports destination.

The perfect end to a perfect skiing day 

Eventually, your skiing day in the firn comes to an end. The sun terrace of the Hotel Arlmont is perfect to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, tea or mulled wine, looking back on a day full of snow, sports and fun. How about soaking in the rooftop pool, relaxing in the MontSpa wellness area, or cosying up to the fireplace in the bar area? And because exercise in the fresh air makes you hungry, a filling, regional dinner will round off the perfect skiing day. Who needs a beach at the seaside when you can experience summer feeling on the best spring ski slopes in St. Anton am Arlberg? The fascination of firn awaits pleasure skiers and racers alike. One piece of advice for all snow-seekers: Don’t forget your sunscreen!


* The term skiing is used in the paragraphs as an umbrella term for all types of skiing!

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