St. Anton guide for winter sports enthusiasts - Ski Arlberg

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St. Anton guide for winter sports enthusiasts - Ski Arlberg

St. Anton knows how to meet the needs of mountain sports enthusiasts. Read here, what you should not miss on your skiing day in the skiing area Arlberg.

A healthy breakfast to start the day, challenging slopes, alternative sports for extra power, relaxing tired muscles in the wellness area and refuelling with a delicious dinner. We’ve rounded up the best spots for snow sport lovers!

Start your ski day with an energizing breakfast 

A healthy breakfast at Hotel Arlmont in St. Anton am Arlberg supplies the right nutrients for an active day outdoors: Proteins from mountain cheese, farmer’s ham and eggs, complex carbohydrates from wholemeal bread, and vitamins from fruit, vegetable sticks and various juices. In addition, the breakfast buffet offers bacon, omelettes and crispy muesli. Feeling energized for an action-packed day? Let's go! 

From Hotel Arlmont directly to the slopes of St. Anton 

True, getting to the ski lift from Hotel Arlmont doesn’t require much exercise. The Nassereinbahn gondola is right on your doorstep. Click into your skis and you’re off to the slopes. Today you’re in for a record-breaking ski day! The region boasts 303 kilometres of slopes, with 51 km falling in the “black” category, which is the highest difficulty level. 

The Valluga - the longest downhill run in St. Anton am Arlberg 

The longest downhill run descends from the Vallugabahn I to the village centre of St. Anton. The slope is also the venue for the legendary race "The White Thrill“. From the mountain station of the Valluga gondola, the route starts with a short descent to a drag lift that takes skiers uphill – “White Thrill” participants complete this stage by foot which is quite a gruelling climb in ski boots at such an altitude. From the top of the drag lift, the route links to the “black” category slope and at the mountain hut “Ulmerhütte” continues with a long schuss on the slope to St. Anton. The descent proceeds through the narrow Steißbachtal, and after a short cat track, a wide slope leads to the valley. The downhill run descends over ten kilometres and 1,347 metres of elevation, making it quite a challenge for your leg muscles. As an alternative, you can descend through the “Schindlerkar” in open terrain. This route also leads to the Steißbachtal. Both downhill runs are very steep at the beginning and are only recommended for expert skiers with well-tuned edges! 


How many kilometres can you ski in one day? 

Some skiers want to cover even more kilometres. The Run of Fame from St. Anton via St. Christoph, Stuben, Zürs and Lech via Schröcken to Warth is legendary. Just as popular: The White Ring. With over 22 kilometres of slopes and 5,500 metres of elevation change this route leads from Lech over the Rüfikopf with its viewing platform to Zürs and Madloch to the natural vantage point and from there continues to Zug, Oberlech and back to Lech. Tracking is a must if you want to measure your total distance by the end of the day. Who made the most kilometres today? 

Cross-country skiing – engaging 90% of your muscles 

Have you ever tried cross-country skiing? It’s more demanding than you might think, and it includes a full-body workout that is easy on the joints. The gliding movements engage up to 90% of skeletal muscles. According to Austrian online winter sports platforms, St. Anton am Arlberg boasts one of Austria’s most beautiful cross-country ski tracks. The ski run Verwall is ten kilometres long and moderately difficult. Alternately climbing and descending, it leads into the romantic snow-covered Verwalltal and circles the lake Verwallsee. Skating is possible except for a narrow stretch where there is only one classic track. The sun shines through the trees and as you glide and stride along, the crisp mountain air fills your lungs and clears your mind. Is there any better way to finish the day? 

Panoramic sauna and rooftop pool after skiing 

After a mind-clearing day outdoors it’s time to relax your post-skiing muscles. A session in the panoramic sauna on the roof of the Hotel Arlmont right next to the rooftop pool enhances blood circulation in your muscles and helps reduce soreness. Afterwards, you can unwind in the panoramic relaxation area on the first of three wellness levels or let the fragrance of essential oils in the steam room warm up your cold nose. On the same level, the spa team offers pleasant massages. After such an active day, a traditional Swedish massage is definitely recommended. 

Enjoying a good night’s sleep after a satisfying meal 

Feeling totally relaxed, there’s only one thing left: A delicious meal at Hotel Arlmont to replenish your energy. The cuisine is young and modern, using the freshest local produce. The chefs create a diverse range of traditional dishes with multicultural influences. After dinner, a digestif at the Arlmont bar will round off the evening nicely before the heavenly comfort of your bed beckons. This is the perfect way to end a fantastic day of winter sports in St. Anton am Arlberg.

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