High Rope Course

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High Rope Course

Right on the banks of the Rosanna River, it is not just your pulse rate that soars. At a height of some six metres, you can clamber about in the high rope course among the trees.

High rope / low rope course in the Verwall Valley.

The route runs over 16 stations in 2 levels of difficulty, demanding a certain degree of coordination from climbers. Initial training includes balancing on tree trunks and walking along rope ladders.

Towards the end of the circuit, there are even more tricky tasks such as making your way over while handling along a rope using rope slings. Particularly clever: a section with freely hanging stirrups high up in the air at the end of the circuit. The two mountain and ski guides, Erich Schweiger and Thomas Strolz, devised and realised the high rope course. Visitors should certainly not be afraid of this enjoyable challenge. The high rope course in the Verwall is led by expert guides from the outdoor company H2O.

Safety, introduction and guidance are carried out with great professionalism.

The new low ropes course in Verwall valley is open. Free and without a guide. Children from 8 years old can go in alone and children under 8 years accompanied by parents.

Registration for the High Ropes Course: at the H2O office at the arl.rock or call +43 (0) 5446 2625.

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